Lurking behind the fridge freezer in the kitchen is a giant house spider. Gargantua, as I have named her, seems to be getting bigger by the day. There must be some tasty morsels.

She doesn’t often come out of her spider cave but occasionally she likes to wander round her kingdom and sometimes ends up in the front room. Frightened by movement or flashing lights from the TV, she darts behind the wicker basket next to the fireplace and has now built a silky funnel mess of a web …. waiting.

One morning I was sitting enjoying some late summer sun, when a centipede decided that my home was a good place to explore. It marched towards the dark recess between the bin and the hearth. Little did it know what lay beyond. Luckily, I rescued it in some tissue and put it outside in the garden, where it belonged.

This slice of everyday insect life is the basis of my Music Weeklies #Ominous track – Spider.
In a dark recess, a spider lurks. Rhythmic patterns are made up of 8 beats to represent the eight-legged arachnid spinning its web, with quick movements when it thinks anything is nearby. The centipede noisily meanders its way along the gloomy path – a rasping clacking sound – and rings the bell, so to speak, attracting the attention of the spider.

I’m afraid to report that in this track, the centipede didn’t get away.