Sound Ramblings

What’s this all about?

Over the years I have had conversations that sort of go along the lines of….. So what do you do?… I’m an artist whose main medium is sound… What’s that?.. Well I paint with sound….What? How?……Well I look at the world and experience things and as well as seeing, I can hear a soundtrack or noise that that thing is and ………….Nice day isn’t it?    (Exits stage left). Most of these conversations are quite short.

Recently, good things happened to me that have made me think more about what I do and why?

Firstly, I was asked to present my work to other soundphiles a couple of years ago and from that evening I was asked if I would be interested in talking more about my sound world by audio producer Lewis Harrower. I will be returning to this experience in a later sound ramble. Then, I was asked to go on the radio and talk about my work and the pieces created by Lewis on Arty Parti  with Jay Sykes. It was such an enjoyable conversation between three audio creators and it could have gone on longer and I thought….You know, I would like to explore this subject more. 

As with most things, I left this thought hanging in the air.

Then, due to a series of misfortunes with health and to cut a long story short, my art was brought to the attention of Andy Wood of TQ Magazine. I met him to talk about my art with the possibility that something might appear in the zine and the subsequent conversation was not only highly enjoyable, at least for me : D but was also a collection of the scattered meanderings of my mind, which was also mind boggling but also afterwards I felt that there were so many questions unanswered in my mind, many thoughts half organised by me and gaps that needed to be filled. You know that feeling after a really  long conversation and you say to yourself…Duh! Why did I say that? Why didn’t I say this?

That’s when it really hit me… I ramble a lot about sound in my head and have all sorts of conversations about what I do… How about creating some sound pieces about just that…Sound Ramblings.

Yes…but what is it?

OK, I’ll tell you what it’s not.

It’s not me telling you how to produce sound or sound works.

It’s not about gear.

It’s not about how to do things.

It’s not about this is the right way to do things.

It’s not academic.

It’s just me and my sound recorder and some music. It’s going to be me rambling about things that I have done or are creating and some of the thoughts that come to my mind and is a personal journey of somehow making sense about why I do what I do and hopefully, a few people might listen and enjoy my idiosyncrasies in sound  : )

Sound Ramblings v1.0

Sound Ramblings v1.1

Sound Ramblings v1.2