I’ve been producing and recording electronic music for over twenty years and one thing is for certain – I have an awful lot of unfinished projects and music sitting on hard drives.
Sometimes this is due to the computer playing up (I’ve had two major crashes wiping everything)causing me to abandon things. Technology has evolved and software has changed so many times that tracks no longer load in the set up I have now.
Sometimes the mood changes or things don’t quite fall into place or I run out of time, and even after all these years, my faith in myself falters and I put tracks to one side.

So, the Music Weeklies Challenge of #FinishThisTune was a good excuse to dust off something that I had plans to release under the #Happiness challenge from 2021.

Happiness is birdsong. Happiness is also just improvising and jamming on my synths with my feathered friends, who I had recorded one bright warm early morning. Happiness is creating and finishing something finally and even after all this time, that still feels like an achievement and sheer joy.

AI Artwork by O Johnson