How to make someone feel old and out of their comfort zone….Have a subject that they have no idea about.

OK, that’s a good start. I nearly didn’t give this challenge a go but circumstances recently became the basis of my funky little number – Ninja Food Drop.

Before I start, I want to say that I’m not looking for any kudos here, but it involves a supermarket and their collection boxes for the local foodbank.
Recently, my daughter and I had cupboard clear-outs and thought that since everything was in good order, it would be a great idea to donate the food to the foodbank. So, on finding out about drop off points, I read that there were collection boxes in the larger supermarkets but some stated that they were unhappy with food stuffs from other shops being deposited in them and would prefer people to buy their own products. Then, I thought about the #NinjaFunk challenge and my mind ran riot.

Ninja Food Drop is a sonic picture based on what actually happened to me a couple of days ago when wearing my black mask, armed with two large bags, I loaded them into a trolley and made a dash past the security guard and spilled out the contents into the boxes, making a fast retreat – actually feeling quite happy that I had achieved my goal. Ninja like. Musically, the field recording of a supermarket and barcode readers are the basis to the track, with sounds added to represent the escalators – the first part having a little Mission Impossible vibe. The bassline organ represents me looking left and right for the security guard and then the rise is the dash to the boxes with hand claps representing the tins falling into them. The second half is my joyous exit from the shop, which is rhythmically choppy like kung fu without being stereotypical.
Mission accomplished – Ninja style.

I’ve never written a track like this before and I was well out of my comfort zone. It’s neither chiptune or games music and whether it’s funk is questionable, but it does have a funky feel and I had fun creating it. It made me smile too, and that after all is what music can do, bring a little joy.

Like most of my music – Best listened through headphones.

Many thanks to rollingmill for the field recording supermarket_cashregister, licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.on Freesound and to Murphy Chen and Please Don’t Sell My Artwork As Is for their png on Pixabay under Public Domain licence, used for the artwork created by museleon.

This track was created for the Music Weeklies Challenge #NinjaFunk