There’s something magical about bubbles, especially if you’re a child.

This week’s challenge track began with some old soap bars found at the back of a drawer and on smelling them, I was whisked away back in time, to my Nanna’s garden in the 60’s. My Nanna always smelled of Imperial Leather soap but little did she know that my Bampy used it to make bubbles in the garden for me.
He would sit on the bench and blow multitudes of different sized bubbles and squealing, I would try and catch them, popping them before they got away. Some did and caught the light in rainbow colours as they floated up and over the large stone garden wall.

My track tries to simply capture those moments with field recordings of chimes and a low popping synth sound representing my attempts to catch the bubbles. Higher and higher until a few escape….the minor note of the last bubble is a question …’Did it get away?’

There’s something magical about bubbles, especially if you’re an adult with fond memories.

As with most of my tracks – best listened through headphones

Many thanks to Kit Johnson for the use of his field recordings of various chimes.

This track was created for the Music Weeklies Challenge #Bubbles