One bright blue skied day in May, I went for an early morning walk in our local Dene. The multitudes of spring birds were in full throttle, a breeze blew through the ancient tree branches and a cascade of tiny yellow celandines draped over the bank down to the stream. They looked like Little Golden Suns – rays of sunshine amongst the green.

This track tries to portray that brief moment I felt when I saw them. A photograph doesn’t quite convey their delicate beauty and I’m not sure I managed in sound, as sometimes moments are so ethereal and fleeting that they can never be fully realised except in memories.

This track was created for the Music Weeklies ChallengeĀ #flowers

The original generative track ‘Celandines‘ was the basis for Little Golden Suns and was released in 2015 on Secret Places by Soundician, my first moniker, a project that involved my husband Kit Johnson.