Life Mask III

Life Mask III from Museleon on Vimeo.

As for many, this year has been one of the strangest and toughest I’ve had to face and if wasn’t for my art, I might not be writing this now. I haven’t talked much at all about this year but earlier in 2020 I had a viral illness that affected me greatly and again I turned to my art as a means to express what it was like, mainly as a sonic and pictorial expression to try and order things in my mind. I created Life Mask based on digital art created in April 2020 and Life Mask II was created out of art from late spring 2020.

Here is the final piece in the trilogy.

Life Mask III self portraits were created in Summer / Autumn 2020 and the sound is a reimagined audio work of recordings I made whilst being put on hold when contacting places since March – On hold both in reality and metaphorically. As with the other pieces, it is best listened through headphones and set at 1080p.

The drunk lady in the tunnel is starting to see the light…