January Update

Well, I can safely say that 2020 was a tumultuous and strange year, one of very low low’s and also some real high points. It was one of the worst years for my health and any of you who have watched the trilogy Life Mask will have some idea. However, 2020 also turned out to be one of the most creative and positive, a major highlight being the Cities and Memory Dante’s Inferno project.

A real split personality of a year.

I can’t believe that already it’s mid January….

One thing I am doing is taking it a little easier, trying to be kinder with deadlines and pressures but I am still creating sound and image and here are a few of things I plan to release this year…

VOX – a collection of tracks exploring the inner patterns of field recordings

Cities and Memory – The Orange Garden

Silver Swan – A sonic journey through Weardale.

An experiment with home field recordings about Imaginary Machines

Also, I have some digital art in an online exhibition due in February

So, a busy year ahead…Watch this space

Oh, and by the way, Best Wishes for 2021 – whoever and wherever you are.