Life Mask II

Life Mask II from Museleon on Vimeo.

One of the first more ‘experimental‘ pieces I wrote as Soundician was Triptych, a trio of dark disturbed sounds based on the Screaming Popes by Francis Bacon. It has never been released but I am in the process of tidying it up a little and have plans for 2021. However, at the same time I created self portraits, again based on the Popes series. It was a cathartic process and over the years I have continued to use self portraits, both in sound and image, to explore thoughts around mental and also my physical health.

For the past 8 years I have experienced persistent pain and music has been the most wonderful distraction. Increasingly I have used it to try and express how I feel, such as in Synapse.

I am not going to say much here, but earlier in 2020 I had a viral illness that affected me greatly and again I turned to my art as a means to express what it was like, mainly as a sonic and pictorial expression to try and order things in my mind. I created Life Mask based on digital art created in April 2020 and here Life Mask II is created out of art from early summer 2020.

Where does this all fit in with Francis Bacon?

Well Life Mask is also a Triptych and like much of Bacon’s work is also uncompromising in both sound and image. It’s also a little taster for my original Triptych, which proves that even twenty years ago, I was creating music that as one reviewer said was “…not ear candy…”

As with the other pieces, it is best listened through headphones and set at 1080p.