Bee Song – Linear Obsessional – Self Isolating Compilation

>>>>>> Self Isolating Compilation<<<<<<

I have a track on this huge compilation from Linear Obsessional.
The idea was to get as many ‘self isolating’ artists during the Covid – 19 pandemic to create a short piece on their own and with minimal or no overdubs. The resulting 85 tracks will be the basis of a huge remixing / re imagining release later this year.

This project was a bit out of my comfort zone and mean’t me working in ways I don’t do as an electronic musician, such as live recording and no overdubs. I like to tinker with and layer the sounds although I do work alone.

In the end, I gave myself a quick recap how to record live with a mic and played an improvisation on my melody harp, accompanying loosely a recording of bees, Kit made last year in the garden.
The result is ‘Bee Song’.
It’s quirky : )

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