Honoured to have a couple of digital artworks included in this exhibition – #VinylOutcry at Hills Arts Centre / Norfolk Street Arts. It’s amazing to see some of my artwork actually up on a gallery wall and in very good company too.

The subject of #VinylOutcry is the image representation of sound works or an artistic response to music and sound with an overall theme of climate change / ecological art.

My two pieces are artwork for Cosmic Rockpool about the importance of the mini cosmic worlds of rockpools and the seashore and Bird Jammin about the wonders of birdsong in Spring in our local Dene.

The exhibition is very eclectic and beautifully put together and also has instilled some great future art projects in my mind.

Maybe something concrete in the future will happen, so, watch this space.

ArtyParti #VinylOutcry at Hills Art Centre

Caligo – Visual Artist
Lottie Steele – Audio Producer

Featuring work by:
RJ Phoenix
Lottie Steele
Jay Sykes
James Whitman

A Jay Sykes Media podcast

At the Hills Arts Centre in Sunderland, a once-loved former bookshop turned re-opened multi-use arts centre, three artists took on the opportunity of becoming first-time co-curators.

Together, Caligo, Sophie, and Jay created the #VinylOuctcry exhibition – bringing together the work of audio and visual artists, and creating new responsive pieces.

On this episode of ArtyParti, you can listen to the work of some of those audio artists, and hear about the experience; featuring visual artist Caligo and audio producer Lottie Steele.


Curators #VinylOutcry –
Sophie May Victoria Gray
Jay Sykes

Audio Artists:
Chantal Herbert
RJ Phoenix
Stuart Russell
Lottie Steele
Jay Sykes

Visual Artists:
Laura Jane Fooks
Jacquie Gardener
Gabriele Gilkyte
Sophie May Victoria Gray
Madison Grimshaw
Jo Howell
Sue Simmons
Stephanie Smith
Jay Sykes

And now, with info to help you identify who did what

Audio Artists:
Chantal Herbert – “Change Will Come” with the black woman made of mixed materials (art by Laura Jane Fooks)
Museleon – well, you know them
RJ Phoenix – The orange and red sun with the black silhouette figures (painted by Caligo)
Stuart Russell – Summer Fruits and The Nut Owl
Lottie Steele – The blue and red vinyl record with the tape by it (painted by Caligo)
Jay Sykes – the Hills Are Alive and Rainbow Echoes collages vinyl records, as well as the audio behind Stephanie Smith’s black&white vinyl

Visual Artists:
Laura Jane Fooks – “Change Will Come” with the black woman made of mixed materials
Jacquie Gardener – The wax series of four portraits on the wall near the gourds
Gabriele Gilkyte – The Nut Owl
Sophie May Victoria Gray – The centrepiece which she calls “White Noise”, which is the black coiled wires made of clay, as well as the room divider of vinyl records / tapes
Madison Grimshaw – Summer Fruits
Jo Howell – the table of birdhouses, the wall above of cyanotype birds
Museleon – again, you know them
Sue Simmons – the hollowed-out gourds and the painted shells
Stephanie Smith – the Skin Maps, and the black&white vinyl artwork close by
Jay Sykes – Hills Are Alive / Rainbow Echoes / Drawing in the Dark (with Stephanie Smith’s artwork)