Meditation on Three Turbines

It’s late evening and as I look out of my window, the three turbines powering a local car plant are rotating in harmonious out of syncness with each other. It’s strangely calming and is the kernel of an idea for this week’s Music Weeklies Challenge- #UseYourVoice.

I’ve put this here because I haven’t really kept to the rules, as it’s not my voice you hear but one that belongs to EllenMentor on Freesound, licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License –

When I watch them in the fading light, they seem in harmony but soon their blades turn slightly out of tempo creating a stuttering pattern and because of perspective, although all three are the same height and dimensions, they seem to be big, bigger and biggest or in musical terms, loud, louder, loudest or low pitch, mid pitch and high pitch. These things I’ve tried to portray in sound using pitch, tempo, offset and phasing creating a slightly out of sync wonky barbershop choir.

Whether, I have achieved that is for the ear of others, but it is proof that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.

Best listened through headphones, although beware some loud irregular sounds.

Ooh Ahh sound courtesy of EllenMentor