Eidolon – A spirit-image of a living or dead person; a shade or phantom look-alike of the human form.

In 2020 I created a triptych called Life Mask which tried to convey in sound and image, my nightmare that was caused by a viral illness. This is in some ways the follow up to that collection. At times, I feel like an Eidolon, a spectre of what I was, sleepwalking during days, tossed metaphorically by winds and sea, visited by nightmares at night.

However, since 2020 I have been documenting the slow decline of my husband with cognitive impairment, a long term project. Eidolon is also a dark and meditative exploration of the split between the physical person with the shadow being that is increasingly taking over.

Original idea for The Nightmare is based on the painting of the same name by Henri Fuseli ( 1781)
EMF recordings courtesy of Kit Johnson
All other field recordings by O Johnson
Artwork based on photography by O Johnson