Cities and Memory – The Orange Garden – Fruit Flies

What happens if you present dozens of different artists with the same field recording to use as inspiration and sonic raw material?

A hundred different tracks, styles and reinterpretations and…

You get this…

Fruit Flies

What do you get if you give a beautiful field recording of the Orange Garden in the eternal city of Rome? A staggering array of diverse and beautiful interpretations of the same moment in space and time – Rome, Italy, 1 June 2017

Or, from Museleon, you get a bunch of fruit flies buzzing around a lone orange in the said Orange Garden. Yes, all created from the one field recording using midi techniques and including sampling the jet fighters.

Engage deeply you asked….I did, and my various fruit flies are enjoying the warmth and orange glow of their beautiful surroundings.

You can hear the original field recording and all reimagining’s here- The Orange Garden