Sound Ramblings v1.2

Some thoughts on ‘Hades’

Like many I’m trying to keep busy and apart from watching old movies and clearing out the cupboards, I have been wading my way through the huge collections of sound files I have acquired over the years. The fragments of another time when the world seemed more inviting and full of sound life.

Some, I have unceremoniously binned as disasters and failed attempts at something. There are many of these.

There are those that have made the future possibles file but without any real thoughts how they might be used but at least where they are, I know where to go if I want a recording of my mind wandering, as I have forgotten to turn off the recorder.

Others, like the basis of Sound Ramblings v1.2 are records of a time when it felt easier to ramble wherever and visit places that at present seem out of bounds for many reasons both physical and psychological..

Here are my ramblings about the track Hades which might give you some idea of the huge connection there is between sound, image, place and time in my work. It is part of a long running project about the ugly beautiful places that have always drawn me to them.

For even in ugly times there is beauty – if only you look and listen.

If you would like to find out more about my Sound Ramblings project, a personal and idiosyncratic exploration of my sound world, then I have set up a Sound Ramblings page which gives a background to this project and you can hear my first Sound Rambles too.