One of my favourite things as a child was to lie at night in the dark and listen out for the foghorns and ship horns drifting from the coastal waters. I would mimic them, singing in answer and harmony as if they could hear. They are still some of my favourite sounds and for many reasons are quite poignant to me being not only a sonic connection between the sea and land but also to distant memories.

I have always had a love of poetry and am a great believer in the music of spoken word, which has often been the starting point of much of my sound world. However, I have  had a love hate relationship with Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns. On the one hand, depending where you are, it is a song of friendship and hope, sung with friends and loved ones at the start of a new year. However, as the years pass, it has increasingly been tinged with sadness as I remember all those no longer here and find ways not to sing it but in a strange surreal moment last night, I began to sing whisper it in the dark and recorded it.

My thoughts were that although we are separated by sea, space and time – we will always be connected.

Ships is about all of these things.