Autumn Update

I am in the final stages of mixing Imaginary Creatures and all being well, I will be releasing it on Bandcamp at the end of October.

This is a collection of 12 soundscapes about mythological monsters from around the world. Some have been released on soundcloud previously but I have done some remedial tech work on these. Some are reduxed versions and there are 4 new tracks. I have also created new artwork.

After this I plan to get back to the project ‘The Silver Swan’, a collection of tracks based on Fish Dance written by poet Ian Horn. I found the poem very evocative and full of sonic delights, which I hope to do justice to and hope to release this next Spring with new artwork both digital and watercolours and possibly as a digital book.

I have finally taken the plunge and created a Facebook page, so if you wish to give me a thumbs up or a follow you can. Just type @themuseleon in the search bar ; )

I think at this point in time that’s quite enough but plans are afoot for 2020. More news soon.

Thank you for sharing with me my musical journey in sound.



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