At Water’s Edge – For the Birds

metal wing finalv2


I like a challenge, especially if it’s one that involves reimagining field recordings to create sound pictures.

Have you noticed that the tiniest birds have the loudest voices?

For this At Water’s Edge challenge – *For the Birds! or, Avian Flew*, I used the field recordings provided of coastal North Carolina birds  and after the usual lo-fi, low tech processing, Metal Wing emerged.

I began with slowing down sections of the file to create an atmospheric strange world, where I imagined the trees have leaves of glass and the tiny birds are brightly metallic, with metal wings fluttering and filtered voices tweeting and calling to each other.

The constant twittering was an attempt to create something that I love to hear –  a hedge crammed with sparrows all competing with each with other as to who has the loudest voice.

You can listen to the full podcast of the show here, with some great contributions from other artists up for the challenge and what a wonderful diverse range of approaches and sound too. Also it’s a good landing place to listen to the other shows which is fast becoming my Sunday afternoon listen.

Artwork by Museleon based on (CC0 Public Domain )