Haiku #8

This months Sound Haiku’s starting point was this beautiful minimalist haiku by Issa –

This dewdrop world
Is but a dewdrop world
And yet—

It was written on the first anniversary of his child’s death and has a one-word prescript: ‘Grieving.’ According to Buddhist teaching, life is as fleeting as a dewdrop and so one should not grow attached to the things of this world. It is an ephemeral, transient world, and this we must accept. Even so, we suffer, and we grieve. For this, we are given equanimity, on the one hand, and compassion, on the other.
Issa’s response: ‘and yet…'”
This is also my response.

So, some may know from listening to “Synapse”, that I have PPS (Persistent Nerve Pain Syndrome) and music although a great distractor, sometimes is an expressor of the day I’m having.

Following on from Issa’s haiku and on a particularly bad day for me, I took my sound recorder outside on a very rainy day. I captured some of the sounds of my garden including raindrops falling into a plastic bowl, starlings, crows and a robin singing his heart out. There was also the usual background noise that we mostly ignore such as passing lorries and cars, dogs barking, people talking, the A19 etc,. However, the resulting sound haiku, processing the field recordings, ended up being a heightened echo chamber of sounds, which sonically expressed that day – competing birds and noise.

Like nearly all museleon tracks, best listened through headphones.
Artwork based on photographs I took of some Starlings having a bath in a puddle and here is the sound file artwork-

Rainbirds RAW.jpg