On a recent visit to the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead I came across a small room with 4 screens, each one displaying a conversation with the four recipients of the BALTIC Artists’ Award 2017: Jose Dávila, Eric N. Mack, Toni Schmale and Shen Xin.
There were headphones to listen to their words but not putting them on, all I could hear were the sounds of the headphones, sqeaky floorboards, children and distant conversations from the gallery.
I didn’t have my recording equipment only my phone.
The resulting sound files had the essence of what I had experienced and had a recording oddness which, as Museleon, I like.
I created an original piece – ArtistsTalk using several sound files and then took that piece and being an electronic musician, processed the files and created 4 separate pieces each representing an artist. All 4 tracks were combined into the final track.
Like most of my tracks, best listened via headphones.
Things you do when you have a spare few hours : )

Photograph of the Baltic Exhibition by Museleon