Tyneside Sound Society Record – A -Thon #1

Tyneside Record-A-Thon 6th May 2017 –

On the 6th May 2017,  Tyneside’s very first Record-A-Thon took place.

It was a flash participatory event designed to quickly capture the sounds of Newcastle City Centre on one given day.

Phonographers and field recording enthusiasts; skilled and beginner (that’s me) were invited to George Street Social in the city centre and from there were given a coffee, briefing, map of the centre and asked to go out and record the sounds of the city. Across a 2 hour period from 11am – 1pm. Over 150 recordings were then uploaded to the online sound map Aporee aporee.org/maps/projects/tssrecordathon1ncl

A selection of sounds were crafted together by Michael McHugh for the monthly Tyneside Sounds Society radio show for ResonanceExtra and broadcast on Sunday 28th May 2017 –  Some recordings were made in binaural so a headphone listen might be needed for a fuller listening experience (Recommended).


The Tyneside Sounds Society is a monthly broadcast dedicated to the recording and reinterpretation of the sonic environment and sound heritage of Tyneside in the North East of England and I’m very proud to be a tiny part of it.

You can listen to all the Resonance shows on Mixcloud  –