I went for a walk and met some Vents , 6/5/2017 at 11:32
Newcastle – upon -Tyne

Original recordings for the Tyneside Sound Society Record -A -Thon #1.
Many of the sounds recorded by members of the Society can be listened to on the Soundmap here –

There is also an archive of all sounds recorded by Tyneside Sounds Society here.

From these original recordings I created a Vent Chorus –



I’ve always been interested in how sound can evolve into beautiful complex patterns of noise with the minimal use of tech and processing. It’s the ‘small sounds’, anomalies, mistakes and the sounds ‘between’ that catch my ear. With a lo fi sensibility and low level processing it never ceases to amaze me how sounds change and morph into something else, often in a surprising way.
Museleon tracks are best listened to via headphones and often require “deep listening”.