Tyneside Sounds Society invited producers to create something new using only the audio from a digitisation of a gramophone recording of King George V speaking at the Shipley Art Gallery on 10th October 1928.

The record is part of Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums collection, accession number TWCMS : N2698

Tynesidesounds – King-george-v-speech-in-shipley-art-gallery-10th-october-1928


My response was to create ‘Surface’

I’m very interested in ‘small sounds’, anomalies and the sounds ‘between’. Also, how sounds change and morph into something else, often in a surprising way, with minimal processing. Only using a selection of samples of surface noise and distortion from the recording and manipulating the sound, the resulting track transformed into a stifled and claustrophobic soundscape. ”



The final submissions were edited into a 1 hour sound art programme for broadcast on Resonance Extra.


I created some visuals for ‘Surface’ –

Artwork created by Museleon