FRAMEWORK RADIO – #832: 12/03/2023

Have you ever wondered where your community lies?

This has been a question uppermost in my mind for many many years.

Since the Museleon sound straddles a variety of genres, combining field recordings and found sounds, reimagining them into new compositions, but at the same time creating pieces that are melodic and electronic, I have struggled to find my place in the music world.

Perhaps this might be a place for me? After listening today, it might be?

framework began broadcasting in june, 2002 on the newly reformed resonance 104.4fm in london. the show now airs on twelve radio stations around the world, with regular new additions to its broadcast family, and streams and podcasts on its own website. framework is consecrated to field recording and its use in composition, and began broadcasting at a time when a new community of sound artists with a special interest in found sound was developing, a community spread across the globe that, thanks to the internet, was no longer limited to a specific geography. framework sees itself as an outlet for this ever-growing and developing community, a folk-tool in a new folk movement, a community driven exchange point for creators and listeners alike. framework‘s goal is to present not only the extremely diverse sound environments of our world, but also the extremely diverse work that is being produced by the artists who choose to use these environments as their sonic sources. we hope to ask this question: is ‘field recording’ a style, or a genre, or is it in fact as uncontrollable and undefinable an instrument or tool as any, that may be interpreted, manipulated, and appropriated by anyone with a microphone and an idea? these works are its definition, and not vice versa.

It is also very rare that someone contact me out of the blue for my releases, because they appreciate what I am creating, so, thank you , framework and it’s producer and host Patrick McGinley (aka murmer) for contacting me and playing three tracks from my latest release The Glass Forest.

You can listen to Episode #832 to hear a beautiful collage of sounds and field recordings from around the world, including Museleon here

I also recommend two links –

Patrick McGinley (aka murmer) is an American-born sound, performance, and radio artist. You can find out more about him here

Framework can be found here