As If Radio Conversation with Ella Finer (9/11/21)

As If Radio (AIR) was a long form radio show produced by Soundcamp and Acoustic Commons Group which aired from Civic House in Glasgow for the length of the COP26.

I was honoured to be on AIR radio on Tuesday 9th, November, 2021 in conversation with composer / sound artist and performer Ella Finer.

unQUIET my release about noise, sound pollution and the climate emergency was played in full.

You can hear our conversation about the deep connection between sound and image in my work and how my small carbon footprint as an artist, translates into soundworks that both tackle issues of the climate emergency on the macro level but also how my audio art is based on the local soundworld and how world issues are relevant to my locality in the North East of England.

Many thanks to Ella Finer for asking me to talk about my work and to my husband Kit Johnson, who had the foresight to record the conversation in full, which you can hear above.