I was very privileged to be selected along with 11 other local artists to be involved in the National Glass Centre’s Artist Exchange project in conjunction with Sunderland Culture, this November 2021. There were four different series of workshops including screen printing, flameworking, glass casting and stained glass making. I selected Screen Printing on Glass with glass artist Jade Tapson as I thought that it would fit more with my art.

The two day course was very intense but creative. I managed to make three glass pieces all based on my own photography of local rockpools but I’ve yet to collect them.

I have already begun to create a piece of audio art based on my first attempt at screen printing a plain square tile, and this is leading me to think about flaws, imperfections and the hidden beauty of things, based on the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi. You can read and listen about it here.

I took many recordings of my time at the Glass Centre and will be using samples of the sound to make some longer audioworks.

The whole process of screen printing has also led me to experiment with printing out some of my photography, some of which look like woodblock prints.

There is obviously more to come.

Special thanks to Neil Walker of the Glass Centre who offered me this opportunity and recognised me as an artist – audio art is art.

Also special thanks to Jade Tapson, who’s patience and enthusiasm was unbounded.