At first, this Music Weeklies Challenge ( ) for the third anniversary just sat in the back of my mind as I didn’t meet all the challenge criteria’s. However, I decided to give it a go anyway especially after reading more about The Day of the Dead and decided to try and create a ternary piece – that is a song in three parts or time signature.

Dia de los Muertos celebrates death as a part of the human experience and is thought to reunite the living with the dead. Tradition holds that the dead would be offended by grieving and sadness, so festivities honor them with laughter and joy, with offerings of food and flowers, dancing and reminiscing.

Since a child I have liked walking around cemeteries and churchyards, not for any morbid reasons but often they are places of quiet and tranquillity where I feel a connection between this world and the next. I like to read the headstones and wonder about those buried below, especially couples either interred side by side or together.

What if during the Day of the Dead celebrations once a year, a long dead couple rise up from their grave and spend a few hours together, enjoying the festivities, the marigolds and sugar skulls, ending the night with a slow ponderous waltz together.

Anniversary Waltz is based on the final track Waltz #3 of the 2003 album Tranquilicity. It was a joyous little tune that seemed to end the album well but here I have reimagined it  slowed and wonky with added spookiness, just like my skeleton couple, embraced in loving memories and creaky with age.

Artwork based on an image from PublicDomainPictures