What do cats dream about as they bathe in the warm rays of the sun?

Many of my tracks are based on images either my own memories, photography and also art. There is a very popular painting in the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne called ‘Blinking in the Sun or Cat in a Cottage Window’ (1881 ) by Ralph Hedley.

Ralph’s cat sits in a rustic window surrounded by cottage flowers basking in what I imagine to be the warm rays of the sun. I have seen this picture many times but on revisiting it lately I thought to myself how calm and serene Ralph’s cat is. He sits, Buddha like, in the sunshine…Eyes shut, meditating or dreaming of fish or mice or birds or all three. It’s an idyllic and calming scene and somehow my musical interpretation for Music Weeklies Challenge #Dreaming reflected my thoughts and there’s a definite psychedelic vibe going on.

Many thanks to neolein and skyn production for the use of their samples via Freesound under the Creative Commons 0 License and to Lubos Houska for his photograph Lazy Sunny Day on Public Domain Pictures which I used as the basis of the artwork.