I have a previous musical incarnation called Soundician, which had it’s first release in 2000 and 16 albums in total over 18 years. Tracks were written and recorded by me and mixed by my husband, Kit.

In January 2001, the second CD – The Beauty is Knowing… was released, an album described at the time as –
“… a mix of classical electronic music with a touch of ambient, minimalist and experimental elements. Since the first release in 2000, albums have always been eclectic and no two releases are the same but there is a definite Soundician sound….”

2020 was the twentieth anniversary of Soundician and there were plans to celebrate this milestone. As it happened, 2020 turned out not to be the year we had all expected and plans were halted. During lockdown I had more time to step back and take stock of these past years, returning to my musical roots and finding myself improvising on melodies I had written years ago.

Improvisations on a Horizon consists of four improvisations with added instrumentation, based on one of Soundicians’ popular early tracks, Horizon. It’s a quiet reflection on the sea in all it’s beauty, which was a beacon of hope I kept in my mind this past year and hopefully, it retains the feel and sound of something dear to my heart – Soundician.

Here is the original version of Horizon –