In Other Places Too

July 2020

This is the second In Other Places EP, where I thought it would be nice to put together a few sound pieces to give them a little light of day. I have created several tracks for call outs that have had limited release or never been released on albums, often only heard in radio shows, podcasts or on special one off releases. This collection of tracks were written over the course of a year from May 2019 to March 2020 and for quite separate projects.

However, on relistening and re reading my submission notes, I find on reflection, they are all about in some way, failure and collapse. The bee hives failed and so did the wasp nest. The moths are perennially trapped in the lampshade and in my memories. The DNA that is found in all living things, can ultimately destroy us, through the unseen and unknown.

Yet, although on the surface these tracks may seem pessimistic and dark, I feel that they are ultimately hopeful and positive in sound, which is something I’ve done with much of my music from the early days of Soundician –

There is hope if we stop, listen and learn from nature. It’s given us enough warnings.

This release has become a very personal journey, where, like the Rainbirds that sing in the darkness of winter, at moments, in the last few months, I have walked along a dark tunnel.
But just as birds are also the harbingers of spring, I could always see the daylight at the end of it.

Each track has it’s own song information, links and artwork, so it’s worth looking at them individually as well as a whole, and as a collection, they also show the range of my soundwork.

If you are interested there are also links to other albums, either free download, pay what you like or buy, that also include Museleon tracks, together with many other artists and labels well worth checking out.