TQzine Digital Art



This is the TQzine special on Tusk Festival 2019 and in it are some of my digital art responses to a few of the performances. I also wrote a short article about how sound impacts on me physically and mentally, due to a long term illness but how I have used what could be a negative thing into a positive creative outcome, resulting in art and soundworks.

I don’t want to spoil things by posting the art and words here yet. Maybe in the future. The zine is a labour of love for its’ editor Andy Wood, so if you wish to read and discover new sounds from the underground scene, then you can find out more here 

ICYMI, If you are interested, here are more of my art responses to some of the Tusk 2019 performances in this handy little vid I put together – “My Art of Sound” with backing track Synapse


Thank you to Tom / Stendhal Park (https://stendhalpark.bandcamp.com/ ) for the introductions and Andy Wood at TQzine for taking interest in some of my work and publishing it.

The featured image for this post was created during the performance of Wrest