Imaginary Creatures

Happy Release Day!

I have a deep interest in how sound can be processed into something that may retain the essence of the original but is also very different. I’m on a perpetual learning curve and even after all the years I’ve been doing this, I still get excited by anomolies and accidents of chance with sound. Also over the years,I have written pieces that are deeply connected to the idea that sound can be visual.This is not a new idea at all but what is new to me as an artist, is to finally acknowlege how you can paint with sound, not something that is abstract or academic but to create pictures using sound as the major medium, like paint on a canvas.

About two years ago I set myself a monthly challenge to create a piece of electronic music using primarily one short field recording to create the whole piece. The field recording would be as near a representation of the thing I was writing about. I created a set of 6 sound portraits based on mythological monsters / creatures and put them on SoundCloud.

As with the Haiku project, I recently returned to them, remixed and tidied some, totally re – recorded and changed others and added new pieces, resulting in this collection of 12 sound portraits.

I then created 12 images for each creature which you can see if you read the info for each track.

Thank you for sharing with me my musical journey in sound.