My Art of Sound My Art of Sound from Museleon on Vimeo.

I decided to create a short video about how sound and image are integral to my art overall and was spurred on by a short piece I wrote for the wonderful TQ Zine  due out at the end of November. More news soon.

In the meantime, for those of you who may or may not know, I’ve been creating electronic music for about 19 years and for the last 3, Museleon has been my major project, which combines both my music and art in a way that breaks away from some of the conventions I have used elsewhere. This has mean’t that often I use images and things I see as types of graphic scores. However, due to a chronic illness, the connections between the visual and sound worlds have become more interlinked.

I have been to Tusk Festival for a few years with varying degrees of success at attendance and as with all gigs, the blurred lines between sound, image and my physical response have at times been very marked. This year I decided to create digital pictures to try and express what it is like to be me in the audience. Unfortunately, I only managed to be at one recital in person, where I sat outside the Kings Hall for Wrest and Ellen Arkbro but had to watch the rest on the live feed, due to illness. Many of my photos are in colour as they give a more vivid picture of the panic and pain I feel.

I have always been on the outside of electronic music as a musician / artist and in some ways this condition has mean’t that I am further away still. However, it has become an important part of my creative process and finds it’s way into many of my tracks. If you wish to hear what it sounds like to be me, you can listen to the Synapse triptych here on SoundCloud  and also the track – This is How I Feel Today