Voices from Eris Release Day


Voices from Eris is released today.

Voices from Eris is an album full of diversity and surprises. It is also the journey and voices of 15 women artists from around the world vibrating inner strength, making a positive stand. These tracks are full of stories and emotions, sometimes dark and uncomfortable, sometimes intimate and beautiful.  – Margaret Harmer / Shiftingwaves





I like a challenge, especially if it’s one that involves reimagining field recordings to create sound pictures. I’ve always been interested in how sound can morph into beautiful complex patterns with the limited use of tech and processing. It’s the ‘small sounds’, anomalies, mistakes and the sounds ‘between’ that catch my ear.

Many of the pieces I create are based on images and things I see which act as a type of graphic score and Pitchers is a perfect example. On a visit to the National Glass Centre I was struck by the blown glass and steel installation De Iride by Colin Rennie and Cate Watkinson. To me, they looked and sounded like giant glass pitcher plants hanging from the ceiling.

With the use of field recordings, found sounds, hardware and with minimal processing, I created Pitchers – a strange jungle where glass pitcher plants lure unsuspecting insects to their doom. Insects creep, buzz, flutter in an ever increasing feeding frenzy, with the pitcher plants each vying for an insect lunch.

Many thanks to Margaret Harmer for having the insight and enthusiasm to get this off the ground. Honoured to be included with some of the luminaries of experimental electronic / electroacoustic music.