More New Releases from Spiral Radio

It’s now I realise just how much I’ve enjoyed creating weird sound worlds this year for the At Water’s Edge challenges. Here are three more releases for Pay what you Like,  containing mine and other great musicians reinterpretations of field recordings.


Earlier in the year I created the track Howl, for the At Water’s Edge challenges. I love doing these as they are a way to challenge myself technically and creatively and are a wonderful way to learn and relearn my craft. Also they have given me the opportunity to rediscover how much I love creating weird worlds with sound.
‘Howl’ used only the soundfile of frogs recorded by Glenn Sogge. The original sounds caught some lovely, dense sounds in Door County, Wisconsin, and in Troutdale, Oregon but I transformed them into really wild wind and rainstorm


Howlers – Howler monkeys sit atop a rainforest reimagined from a soundfile of water.


Metal Wing – Metal birds with loud voices sit in trees with glass leaves created from a recording of North Carolina birds.