Little Crosses on Bandcamp

Today 18th November, 2018 marks 102 years since the end of the Battle of the Somme and I was persuaded to release this on Bandcamp – with a proviso.

This is a free download as I feel that due to the nature of this release it would be wrong to benefit personally from any sales.
However, I would like to ask that if you do download tracks or the whole album, you give generously to your favourite charity.



I have been creating electronic music for some time and also have been working on a sound / image / film project about the First World War, since starting out all those years ago.
It is something that I have returned to from time to time, but I was spurred on to try and complete something by the Centenary.

I have created remembrance pieces each year about the start of the war(1914), Picardy(1915), the first use of tanks (1916) and the Battle of Passchendaele (1917) but have added tracks to create this electronic sound collage requiem.

Each track is linked with a specific year of the war and each has it’s own information and artwork attached.


1915 – Wire, Peril

1916 – Mud, Roses, Devil’s Porridge.

1917 – Landships, Army of Death, Wings

1918 – Gas, Swallows

Little Crosses is the culmination of about five years’ work and the whole project has grown in size from the original four tracks but what I can say is it’s a labour of love and a deeply personal response to the horrors of war.