At Water’s Edge – Gigafrog

I’ve never really blown any trumpets about my sounds and I’ve not really pushed myself promotionally. I’ve always hovered on the periphery of communities but it’s an understatement to say how honoured I feel to be included on this At Water’s Edge playlist and the Laundry Day one too, as I’m low key, lo fi and not true ambient.

The Gigafrog challenge –
On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we bring you another challenge! This is the first of a series of field recording challenges that we have put out, and it seemed appropriate to do this during high summer.
Glenn Sogge caught some lovely, dense sounds in Door County, Wisconsin, and in Troutdale, Oregon; he says of the Door County recording that it “… was one of the most intense sound baths I’ve ever experienced.” The challenge? Using only these sounds, make music. The artists could alter them however they liked, but the frog files must be the only source material used. The results were misty, mysterious, crunchy and wonderful.

My track ‘Howl’ –
Gigafrog seemed a perfect summer music challenge for Museleon.
For this At Water’s Edge Challenge, I used sections of Night Song – 11pm February, 2018, Troutdale, OR, USA by Glenn Sogge
There was a strange sonic balance between the chirruping frogs en masse and what seems to me (and I could be very wrong here), to be a steady stream of aircraft coming into land or taking off from an airport. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t just create bad weather tracks but it seemed to develop that way as the sounds captured by Glenn Sogge lent themselves to a pretty wild windy rainstorm with distant thunder by the time I had processed and manipulated them.

You can hear the whole podcast here

Artwork by Museleon