Ceffyl Dwr

This year my monthly challenge is to create a piece of electronic music using only one short field recording to create the whole piece on the theme of Imaginary Creatures. The sample or field recording will have a connection to the creature so, this piece is created using a field recording of a horse neighing to create a dark, windswept, almost ‘slo mo’ soundscape.

Growing up in Wales, you get to hear of many folk tales and the Ceffyl Dwr is one such Imaginary Creature.

Ceffyl Dŵr is a water horse in Welsh folklore, a counterpart of the Scottish kelpie. In North Wales they are represented as being rather formidable with fiery eyes and a dark forbidding presence who as magical creatures, had the ability to transform themselves into other things, such as frogs, mist, or even humans. In one form of the legend the Ceffyl Dŵr, as a horse, leaps out of the water to trample and kill lone travellers whilst in another form of the legend the Ceffyl Dŵr entices the unwary traveller to ride him, flying into the air but then evaporating, dropping the unfortunate rider to his death.

Artwork is by Museleon.