Haiku #5

Haiku #5 is based on a few ideas about Wind.
While out sound recording near the River Wear and passing a silver birch, the wind suddenly blew up, rustling the leaves but oddly sounding like the sea at the same time. Sound can play tricks.

It is also loosely based on a Haiku by Basho –

With every gust of wind
the butterfly changes its place
on the Willow

Haiku #5 uses an original recording of Gymnopedie #1 by Erik Satie and played by Kevin MacLeod, which is on FMA under the Creative Commons 3.0 Unported licence (CC – BY- 3.0).
The sound of the wind is my own field recording, which being an electronic artist, I have processed.
As Museleon, I am really interested in the tiny sounds, the anomalies and the mistakes, as together with a self imposed limit on processing, they can create beautiful patterns, rhythms and sounds, which are often best listened to through headphones.

Artwork is by Museleon and here is the image of the soundfile –

Haiku #5